“I feel uncomfortable” was heard often this morning – whether the exercise position (X&Os for Deliverance) or just the hard work by the PAX (double merkin burpee beast).  PAX of 27 showed up for YHC’s first Q at Catalyst. Thanks, Friar Tuck, for the nudge. No FNGs… disclaimer given anyway.


Short run down to the track. Double apple sauce one lap. Circle up for: SSH x 25, GM x 15, Windmill x 15, Mountain climbers x 15, Fazio arm circles x 20 (F/B).

The Thang

Partner up for some stair/wheel barrows: stairbarrow up the stairs, derkins x 15, run to top of ramp, dips x 20, wheelbarrow down ramp, derkins x 15. Flapjack. Plank until everyone finished. Double merkin burpees x 5 OYO

Run to the wall. People’s chair – 2 inches lower – for 5 count (x27 PAX)… seemed like forever.

Run to CF parking lot for the main event – the Uphill Beast. 6 exercises, 6 stops, 6 reps. Exercises were: 1) Prisoners squats, 2) merkins, 3) LBC, 4) sumo jump squat, 5) double merkin burpees, 6) scorpion dry docks w/bear crawl up, lunge walk down. See title of this post.

Planks in between – right/left arm/leg high, chilcutt left/right leg high, repeat in between exercises.

Run across the street to CF round building. Partner up: Partner 1: up and down stairs, double merkin burpees x 5, up and down stairs to return. Partner 2 nippler merkins AMRAMP. Flapjack.

Run to parking lot across from Carroll Middle School. Plank-o-rama: 5 moves to the right, low plank hold 10 count, 5 moves to the left, low plank hold 10 count, 5 moves forward, low plank hold 10 count, 5 moves back, low plank hold x 10, Makhtar N’Diayes x 15, Chilcutt x 15… recover!

Run back to Carroll Middle school.

Mary: X&Os x 6 (thought i would try this one out. In the words of Deliverance, “I feel uncomfortable in this position.” Me, too, so we abandoned), LBCs x 15, American Hammer x 20.

Announcements: Mud-run  April 11, Krispy Kreme Challenge Feb 14

Prayers request: Speedy recover for Screech, prayers for my sister and her family who has one more test on Monday to rule out cancer.

Beaver took us out!

My motto in 2015 is “Embrace Discomfort.” If you haven’t Q’ed a workout, I strongly encourage you to get out of your comfort zone. If i can do it, you can do it. There are plenty of people around to help.

Excellent work today by all. Special T-claps for those that showed early and ran beforehand, Cinderella for carrying that heavy ruck around all workout (dude is a beast), and Whiteshoe who did the whole workout sans gloves in 25 degree weather.

Embrace discomfort… it only means you are getting better!

Honor & a privilege to lead.