On Wednesday, December 24th, Christmas Eve, 10 PAX gathered at The Crick to celebrate the holiday in the company of good men. The weather was rainy and cold, but the spirit of fellowship was strong.  Aye!!

Warmup (Kanye)
– Jog to the school entrance
– SSH x20
– Good Mornings x20
– Mountain Climbers x20
– Merkins x15
– Fazios x10
– Reverse Fazios x10
– Windmills x20
– Jog back to the picnic tables

12 Days of Christmas (Kanye)
It’s a ladder so start at the top. Do the 1st exercise. Then do the 2nd twice plus the 1st once. Then the 3rd three times plus the 2nd twice.. etc.
1) Burpees
2) Lunges
3) Squats
4) Dips
5) Diamond Merkins
6) WWIIs
7) Dry Docks
8) LBCs
9) Mountain Climbers
10) Russian Hammers
11) Plank Jacks
12) Burpees

Switch Q to AMTRAK
Jog to bus circle
PAX split into 2 groups – first group ran, second group did exercises OYO
– Run / Start Jumps
– Run / Air Squats
– Run / Mountain Climbers

Performed Bearcrawls across the front of the school, stopping at each tree for 10 pushups (70 total)

Next up, two sets of upper body and lower body exercises:
– Step Ups (20)
– Decline Carolina Dry Dock (Derkin Dogs) (20)

Bearcrawl the balance of the length of the school front to side wall
– Peoples Chair, each member of the PAX count to 10
– Balls to Wall, each member of PAX count to 10

Lastly sprint from the wall to the shelter of the pavilion where dry concrete awaits.

Announcements and Prayer requests were shared.  Prays for those traveling and that everyone enjoys the holiday without losing sight of the true meaning of Christmas.