This BB starts last night around 2230.  As YHC was about to put on his sleeping mask and catch some beauty sleep he decided to look up the Q list and see who he was going to audit at #TeamFOD.

“April 12, 2016            Shut to the In”


Sleep was delayed as M Shut-in volunteered to help.  I told her I gots this.

And I did.  The PAX were going to “pay their fair share” for YHC’s mistake.  (OK, that’s all the tax puns I got.)

Ffwd to the gloom…and the rain…and 12 PAX ready for some soggy fun on the turf.

Warm Ups

  • #SignatureMove IC x 10
  • SSH X 15
  • Sealclaps Sealjacks IC x 15
  • 30 Merkins

The Thang

Head to the beautiful turf fields of FOD.  What a high quality workout facility, unlike other Northern parks located in the same town, if ya know what I mean.

The idea of this workout is to keep a fast pace and never stop moving like a goold ole futbol match.  There will be two halves and lots of sprints, just like soccer without all the fake injuries and shoe tying.

1st half we rotate back and forth between Explosions* and a series of AMRAP exercises while PAX sprint to midfield and back one at a time until all PAX have sprinted.

*Explosion:  Sprint 1/3, jog 1/3, sprint 1/3 to midfield.  Short speed bursts.  Then jog back to end line for the next exercise.

So it looked like this…OH HEY BEAKER!!

1st Half

  • Explosion
  • Lunge Walk (with a midfield sprint for each pax)
  • Explosion
  • Pulse It (with each pax sprint)
  • Explosion
  • Broad Jump (w/ sprint)
  • Explosion
  • Burpees (sprint)


  • Run a lap around the field
  • 30 Merkins IC

2nd Half

  • BC/CB (Bear crawl / crawl bear to midfield instead of explosions now)
  • Inch Work (sprint)
  • BC/CB
  • Jump Squats (sprint)
  • BC/CB
  • Partner Carry to midfield, High knees while you wait your turn
  • BC/CB
  • Up Downs (led by Shut-in, Callahan, Ma, and Moline (who milked it for all it’s worth!))


  • Run a lap around the field
  • 30 Merkins IC


  • Mini-Calli’s health and ultrasound!
  • Ma Bell’s coworker’s loss

Sorry to cut it short, I have to go to bed so I can make it to the gloom in Charlotte by 0530 tomorrow!!

Can’t say it enough.  It’s awesome to work out and fellowship with all of you.  I feel like over the past year I’ve been posting the group as a whole has gotten much closer and I think that’s awesome.  I appreciate you guys!  See you at BO!

2 Replies to “Turfo Tax”

  • I WAS on time wasn’t I? Rain helped get us out in a hurry 🙂

    Make sure Chefy knows he’s on deck for Tuesday too!

  • Hmmm..where to begin.

    First, my 2230 #TeamFOD pre-blast check-in went like this:
    “Shut-in, that guy never starts on time and his warm-ups are mostly fluff anyway…I can snooze.”
    Second, if the PAX would cadence count at an appropriately enthusiastic volume my Tour de FOD (TM) would have been much shorter. Seriously, how is it possible to make an entire PAX disappear into the gloom by 5:46?! I mean, I couldn’t even find a straggling Franklin. Baseball circle, nope…TOC Rock pile…nope, perhaps down the scary dark trail…nope. Thank goodness Ma Bell’s mumblechatter pierced the silence!

    Truthfully, though, I echo Shutty’s sentiment and no matter the motivation struggles at 0500, it’s always worth it at 0630.

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