Ah Fayetteville… land of YHC’s teenage youth. Could not resist the beckoning call to Q in the place that holds so many memories of adolescent craziness. Chong and YHC arrived to the AO hoping to see some new faces to F3 and within 5 minutes, there were 5 PAX. 5 is better than the 0, weeks before. F3 Fayetteville is showing signs of life. Lets see where life takes us. SF planted. Somewhat proper disclaimer given. Boom!!! Workout commenced.

Jog to the grass: (hello sand spurs. Yikes!)

Warm up:

  • SSH x20, Imperial Walkers x20, Good Mornings x10, Standard Merkins x10, Mountain Climbers x10

The Thang:

  • Jog to the pic’a’nic shelter: Dips x15, Incline Merkins x15, Left/right step ups x20, Decline Merkins x15. Repeato x2 (subtract 5 reps)
  • Jog to the outfield fence: Peoples chair for a bit, Balls-to-the-wall. Rinse and repeat
  • Jog to the Big Ole’ Oak tree (its not a Raleigh Oak, but it will do)
    • Harry Callahans – Jack Webbs for your legs. Prisoner Squats and Monkey humpers 1:1 ratio all the way to 10 each.
    • Jack Webbs – Harry Callahans for your arms. Merkins and hand raises 1:5 ratio all the way to 7 merkins
  • Jog back to the field of spurs: Time for the Dirty McDeuce
    • Merkins x12, LBC’s x12, prisoner squats x12, sprint to the light pole at the end of the field and back
    • Wide Grip Merkins x12, American Hammers x12, Squat Jumps x12, sprint to end and back
    • Carolina Dry Docks x12, Box Cutters x12, Sumo Squats x12, sprint to end and back
    • Merkins x12, WW2 sit ups x12, Prisoner Squats x12, Sprint to end and back
  • 10 Burpees oyo
  • Wheel O Merkin
    • Merkins x5, staggered merkins left x5, staggered merkins x5, wide grip merkins x5
  • 5 burpees oyo


  • LBC’s x20, Freddie Mercuries x20, Low Slow Flutter x20, the protractor

That’s it.


  • Name-o-rama: Good to have “World Wide” who used to post in the Sandhills. Welcome Bebop (Ron=birth name: favorite kid’s show was Ninja Turtles no less) and Aristocrat (Grayson=birth name: Grayson Highlands Virgina, Highland scots, he greeted the PAX with “top of the morning”, we couldn’t think of a nasty brand of Scotch whiskey so Aristocrat would have to suffice). Great work out there this morning gents. It’s a new day!
  • This past March represents 4 years since YHC decided to step off the porch and get into shape. I lost 35 lbs in the first year of running. Completed my first race, which was the Currahee Mountain challenge in Georgia. 3 miles up, 3 miles down. “Currahee” means “we stand alone.” The mountain was directly adjacent to where part of the 101st Airborne trained at Toccoa. During WW2 the soon to be Airborne troopers ran up and down the mountain throughout their training getting better and faster. Fayetteville, home of the 82nd and Special Operations, YHC can’t wait to see you “step off the porch” and into the gloom. Find your mountain and conquer it. F3 has become more to YHC in the past year and 7 months, than just a workout. I have found brothers that will stand with me through anything. And yes…we run mountains too. Welcome to the Nation.
  • Aye!!!