Because the Triple Q a month ago was so well received, it was time for the Quad Q. Thus a PAX of 20, plus four Qs, embarked on a morning that hinted Fall is right around the corner. Cool breeze, dark skies, and determined men.


Warm Up
Lo Pair briefed the FNGs with a disclaimer and then led us through the opening. His lineup consisted of SSHx40 (as a Coco tribute, YHC supposes), arm circles and reverse, imperial walker, merkins … and 15 burpees.


The Thang
Let’s Go: Marky Mark led everyone down the pitch black trail to the Scroggs parking circle, where it was lap sprints with 2-4-6-8-10 merkins in between. Then run back up the trail, ending up at the playground, to hand the QIC baton to Wuerffel (whose BRR training clearly paid off, as he sped past YHC during the sprints).

Playgrounds Pullups: Wuerffel directed half the group doing pullups x20, while the other half did step lunges, sumo squats, and mountain climbers. Switch. Then it was on to the hockey rink …

Tug of PAX: Yanni generously donated his two F3 firehoses (thanks to the Apex Fire Dept) and DOI knew just what to do with them: tug of war. The PAX were divided into four groups and went head to head. Winning team gave a member to the other side (and subsequently lost). New matches continued until each group had faced each other twice. Then combine into just two teams for a final battle. Winners and losers did varying amounts of burpees, jump squats, jump lunges, and merkins.


Lo Pair took the reins back for flutter kicks and opposite crunches.


Welcome to FNGs Bogey and Spandex. The PAX came across Spandex (or visa versa) while running on the trail and he joined right in.

T-claps for DOI’s 2-year F3 anniversary this week. No QIC is more creative. You’ve been a great addition to the PAX, brother.

Reminder Thicket & Pleasantville are canceled on Monday in order to join the F3 3-year anniversary party at Fetzer.

Wuerffel sent us out with some strong words to better ourselves and for those who need strength. Regarding the latter, sending thoughts, prayers, best wishes to Blackball in his recovery.

(The music video is an indirect nod to the prior night’s email chatter that somehow pitted The Beatles vs. Hall & Oates. Keep fighting the good fight, Shooter)