17 brave pax took on Tar Heel Warrior mountain and 4 pieces of serious Timber and cinder blocks at Rameses.  Here is that thhhaannggg:

 Pax started at bottom of THWM and beat crawled a 1/3, travel burpeed 1/3 and finished to the top top with another bear crawl 1/3.

 From there we went down to the bottom of the parking lot and started some shoulder press circuits and arm lockouts with the timber and for those guys not on the logs did so with cinder blocks and rotated for 3 sets.

After 3 sets we did 10 slow merkins

Followed by fireman’s carry to top of the parking lot.

Next set repeat of timber carry and lockout/ cinder blocks.

 3 sets of 20 World War II

 2 sets of 25 body squats – 1 with partner on your back.

 Finished off workout by having 3 teams carry timber around the parking lot twice while extras did shoulder press until completion and then we switched.


 Welcome FNG – Dirty Dancing!!

 Please pray for Champ’s mother as she undergoes procedure next week for colon cancer.  Much love Champ man!!