9 Pax arrived on Horton St ready to test their meddle against themselves and a particular track named Martin. HiFidelity is a focused workout, bent on “running with a purpose.” What purpose you ask? To run faster than yesterday. To run farther than yesterday. To run more confidently than yesterday. To prove that no matter the PAX age, improvement is something achievable. How do we measure? By testing ourselves periodically through CSAUP, mile tests, races, and other goofy stuff that normal folks would dare not tempt.

Today…the mile test. “Do It”

2 warm up laps at fellowship pace.


  • Good Mornings x14
  • Windmills x14
  • Merkins x14
  • Imperial Walkers x14

On the Line:

  • Run one lap at R Pace (Mile race pace) to get the mind tuned into the task at hand. 2 mins rest. Repeato

Mile test:

  • 7 would test on this day with (4) 1st time testers at HiFi. 4 laps at your mile race pace. Ready….”Do It.”
  • Results below

3 mins rest.

On to some Tempo work. Tempo work is designed to build endurance, and among other things, push the muscles close to lactic acid buildup without crossing that threshold.

3 magic mile repeats at T-Pace. 1 min above mile race pace. 2 mins rest in between.

Circle of stretch-o-rama



  • Prayers for Soul Glo’s hammie tweak during the mile test. No Bueno
  • Rainman, Enron, and YHC offered up special prayer requests today. Mr. Bigglesworth took us out in prayer
  • Just as Christ’s substitutionary death and subsequent resurrection brings us life, so let us give life to those around us by word, and deed.


  • RainMan, Nessman, LeAndro, and Dingo all had strong first tests. We’re looking forward to seeing those times fall in the near future.
  • Friar Tuck, Enron, and Mr. Bigglesworth all put up strong numbers once again. Bigglesworth wins the most improved award for this edition. Enron sets the fastest man of the day mark. YHC did not test, still in recovery mode, and opted to hold the watch.
  • Here is a link to the full results: Click to see where you stand. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AISccuG6nnClR0k3dZ4MK5HZTfFQc-czr_UDwtUZ9VM/edit#gid=1204483841
  • Jack Daniels is a world renowned running coach. You should check into his book “Daniels Running Formula.” The following link will allow you to enter your mile test or other race results into a form, and will calculate your VDOT, training paces, and race equivalents. You can click on the various pace descriptions to learn more about why and how much you should train at each pace. https://runsmartproject.com/calculator/ Whether you’re going into race season, or just want to get faster, utilize this information to “run with purpose.”