YHC pulled up to find one lonely but eager pax standing under the Oak trees of Fletcher Park. Luckily, as 5:45 crept closer, 4 more cars appeared in the gloom to give us our even 6.

The Thang..

Jog to upper parking lot
SSH x 20
Good Morning x 15

On the Soccer Field
Partner Up
Partner A sprints the length of the field, does 5 burpees, sprints back
Partner B does 20 of called exercise, then AMRAP LCB’s until Partner A returns
Repeat 4x / Called excercises were Std. Merkins, Spiderman Merkins, Wide arm Merkins, Std. Merkins

Run down to St Marys, up to top of the park next to broughton, then down path to basketball court at the bottom of the park.

Groups of 3
Partner Carry length of court, 5 burpees at one end, 10 merkins at other end, alternate carrier at each end. Continue for 5 minutes which somehow took 8 minutes.

Jog up to shelter

Groups of 3
Counts were 60 pullups, 100 Derkins, 200 LBC’s for each group
Complete in whatever order, One partner must be running up hill to path at all times
10 pull ups OYO

Mosey to upper lot
for 5 min of planking alternating b/w regular, chillcut, lowplank

Mosey back to Shelter
30 LBC’s
30 Freddie Mercury’s
30 Dolly’s


Strong work with low numbers, We were able to fit more into that workout than any YHC has ever Q’d

-Mud run Sign up is up
-Convergence March 7

-Prayers for Pax struggling with Injuries

Prayer courtesy of Mr Hand

Always an honor to lead