Six PAX came out to Kenny’s Grave to see what the Q had on tap. YHC had about 20 too many mini-dogs wrapped in bacon during the Super Bowl so it was time to sweat it out. It’s such a challenge when you are on a run and already tired and you come to a base of a hill. It tests your mental toughness and, when you charge on through, you’re that much better for it. There would be a lot of hills today…welcome to Infinity!


Jog around the parking lot until we reach the pre-set cones

SSH x20

Lunges x10

Imperial Walkers x10


Break up into two groups of three. First group complete ‘The Evolution of Man’ while the other group runs up and down the hill with x10 squat jumps at the top. Runners go up and down INFINITY times or stop whenever the other PAX finish…whichever comes first.

‘The Evolution of Man’

Cones are placed about 10 yards apart…

Dragon Crawl to first cone and backward dragon crawl to the beginning

Crab Walk to second cone and backward crab walk to the beginning

Bear Crawl to third cone and backward bear crawl to the beginning

Sprint to fourth cone and backward run to the beginning

Teams switch and repeat exercises

‘Merkin Dial’

All PAX to the hill and plank in merkin position. YHC will call out an hour hand on the dial. Move using your arms (keep your feet in the same spot) and rotate to that position. Complete x5 merkins in cadence…

12 o’clock x5 merkins; 3 o’clock x5 merkins; 6 o’clock x5 merkins; 9 o’clock x5 merkins; 12 o’clock x 5 merkins; 1:30 x5 merkins; 10:30 x5 merkins…recover

‘Indian Sprint With Exercises’

First PAX takes off and counts to 3. They drop down and begin completing max reps of exercise called by the Q. Next PAX runs until they pass the furthest PAX and then counts to 3 until they drop and start whatever exercise has been called. This goes on until while completing a loop around the parking lot…LBC’s, prisoner squats, dry docks, etc.

Finish with a 30 yard lunge walk back to the cones.

‘Infinity Hills’ (Again)

Group 1 keeps running up and down the hill until Group 2 completes 5 ab exercises of x20 each for a total of x100. After completion, swap groups and repeat.


‘Planking Bear’

All PAX form a circle in a chill-cut plank. One PAX bear crawls around the group while others hold the chill-cut. All PAX must complete.

At this point with 5 minutes left…Tardy made a comment about more hills (jokingly) as YHC was trying to think of some finishing exercises. Well, now we headed to the hills again!

Run down and 1 prisoner squat; run up and 1 merkin; run down and 2 prisoner squat; run up and 2 merkins; keep the pattern until you complete 5.


Prayers for many health concerns and we prayed that we would put on the ‘full armor’ of God as we go our separate ways in this world. It is always a pleasure and honor to lead these men. Until next time…