With the Super Bowl behind us now, 11 PAX met first thing Monday morning to shake off the nachos, wings and beer from the celebration the night before. It was an unusually balmy 54 degrees, but like most Monday morning, we did get wet. With YHC and two others sporting their Ruck sacks, it was time to KickStart a new month.

The Thang:

20 – Good Mornings…slow and steady

10 – Sir Fazio Arm Circles – each way

20 – Imperial Walkers (not to be confused with Hillbillies)

One warm up lap around the parking lot and back to the circle

20 –Merkins

20 – Imperial Squat Walkers

20 – Mountain Climbers

20 – Wind Mills

20 – Carolina Dry Docks


We are officially warmed UP!


Next exercise is…Spider Man Rails – Spider Man down the rails and then Bear Crawl back up X2

Plank it out on the finish with right arm up/right leg up then flap jack


Jog to the edge of the park for Traveling Burpees (Broad Jump Burpees) half way up the hill and then Bear Crawl the rest of the way.


Next Thang:

Line Painters

We split into 2 groups. Group one did line painters with a Merkin at the end of each line, while group 2 did Prisoner Squats waiting for their turn. Flap jack!


Round 2 was more Merkin Line Painters while the other group did endless American Hammers

We jogged around the parking lot, down the steps and up the stairs to the bench…


Thang 3:

Bench Marks

40 – Dips

20 – Left/right Step Ups

20 – Irkins

Round 2

20 – Dips

20 – Right/left Step Ups

20 – Irkins



20 – LBC’s

20 – Freddy Mercury’s

30 – American Hammers



This was week 5 of an initial 6 week New Year’s Kickstarter workout.  As usually, the Pax made another strong showing today on our 4th rainy morning out of a possible 5 so far… This Monday addition has had a huge impact on F1, F2 and F3 for me. So it’s official now and the launch date of the permanent Kickstarter workout is Monday, Feb 16th!!! Come bare-back or with a Ruck and start the week out right.



Krispy Kreme run Feb 14th

Mud Run sign up started

1 year Anniversary for the Crick this Wed, Feb 4th Money Hose returning


Continued prayers for Kanye’s uncle who is doing and better and for Spurrier’s technician challenge


Coach D took us out with prayer.