YHC rolled out this AM picked up Flea Flicker and headed into town expecting a cold workout.  But in the end it wasn’t nearly as cold as I thought it would be.  Flea Flicker is always quick to announce Temps in Syracuse so I can feel warmer too.

The Thang…

Warm Up- Lap Around the park, SSH X30, IWs X30, MCs X 20, Merkins X 30(for Tardy and his 30 Merkin per day Spartan Challenge, he was noticeably absent).

Run down to the lowest baseball field on the road, run back up do Prisoner Squats till all arrive.  Group Prisoner Squats X 50, Run back down Squats X50, Run back up Squats X 50.

Jog over to the courts, grab a rock.  Curls X20, Squat Press X20, Tricep Extensions X20, Repeat, Then 3rd round same X10.

Ditch the rock and jog to the tennis courts.  Suicides but at the end of each court do Merkins X10.

Jog over to the Wall- People’s Chair and Inverted Mountain Climbers X20

Mary- Side Plank, WWIIs X50, Chilcott X10 around the horn.

COT- Prayers to Yosef and his peers at Work.  There’s a lot going on there, healing and peace to all. Prayers for Blue Hen’s Brother.  Ball of Man on our knees before God!

It’s always a pleasure and honor to lead you guys in the Gloom!