I am very grateful to have the opportunity to post/Q at this Cary and Apex group. With that said, my momentum and nerves helped push past the fart sack today.  I showed up 13 minutes before the gun and nobody was at the park except one City of Apex employee,  He asked if we were the “workout group’ and if we still “go” to ACP.  I said, “not sure what ACP means”, and he verified it was the Apex Community Park.  He said he would be more vigilant on opening the gate.  I said we will manage one way or another, no big deal.  He chuckled, and that was that.  The normal group showed up 3 minutes before the gun and everyone reacted after I mentioned my other Q’s at F3 ENC (Greenville).  Still a relatively low key entrance by most. I did have one event to spur morale during the workout, where everyone was instructed to war yell during a sprint.  That was interesting, but for some reason I can’t get Monkey Nuts comment out of my head.  Monkey Nut yelled, “Coffee and Good Morning America”, during his sprint.  Not yet….




The Thang

BLIMP LAP- Have pax run the .3 mile (estimated with visual reference only) loop around the park stopping at every corner for a portion of the blimp.  (5 burpees, 10 lunges, etc.)  We had to stop in the middle of one long stretch to complete successfully.

For transition two, we headed to the field where I did not have two shovel flags. (thanks Earhart for the flag this AM)  We completed ten total, forty yard sprints.

For transition three, we headed to the basketball court for some random events.  Group A did a suicide while Group B did BTTW.  Rinse and repeat.  Then Group A did bear crawls up the mini hill, while Group B did suicides.  Both groups performed three suicides and about three BTTW.

For transition four, we went to the entrance gate of the park and did some hill runs with exercises mixed in at top and bottom. (About 120 yard hill)

  1. Squats at top, Freddy Mercury bottom (20 each top and bottom)
  2. Squats at top, Big Boy situps bottom (20 each top and bottom)
  3. Squats at top, Mule Kicks bottom (20 each top and bottom)

For transition five, we did another 10 sprints.  (40 yards each)

Finished, with 5 minutes of speed Mary.


Q School Sun. 3:00 Bond Park

Mule- March 4th


Ma Bells neighbor Lisa Cancer (prayers up)

Waterwings wife for peace and healing (prayers up)