YHC has really enjoyed his families move to Fuquay-Varina and thought that it was about time to give the other PAX another tour of the neighborhood. Last time we did this, it was in the dark of winter, so I figured they needed another look.



SSH (x20)

Imperial Walkers (x20)



The PAX run along the road (Judd Pkwy) and stopped at every light pole to do 15 to 20 exercises of YHC choosing…

There were 10 light poles, so 150-200 exercises over about a ½ mile distance

Mountain Climbers

Walk the Plank

Merkins with Shoulder Taps

Squat Jumps


Wide Merkins with Pause at Bottom

Lunge Jumps

Chill Cut Plank

Squat Jumps


The Hill

Continue moseying down the path to the base of ‘the hill’. If you’ve never seen ‘the hill’ it is a nice 45 degree angle street that once you get to the top, goes back downhill.

At ‘the hill’, partner up…One partner runs backwards up the hill while the other completes 3 Burpees. After the 3 Burpees, the partner sprints to catch up. When they catch the partner, switch and continue until the hill is completed.

At the top of ‘the hill’, one partner Bear Crawls down while the other does 10 Prisoner Squats. Partner then sprints to catch up, flapjack and continue to the bottom.

Now we start the long ¾ mile trek back to Kenny’s Grave. Backwards run up the hill, then regular and some more backwards run along the way as the Q seemed fit. All PAX recover about 150 yards from finish. Give it all you have left and sprint to the finish!



Alternating WWII (x20)

Freddy Mercury (x20)

Flying V (x10)



Prayers for the family of Derek Davis who passed away from his injuries of being hit by a car in Holly Springs while out for a run. Always to be strengthened by God and each other to be better men every day!



It was great to have Dusty back out who was back from deployment! Always great to lead these men! YHC is fired up because (inspired by Tardy) I have registered for three upcoming events…the Ninja Challenge, Run the Quay 10K and Spartan Sprint at Ft. Bragg. I look forward to completing some of these alongside some of the men of F3.