YHC made it out for his first visit to the friendly confines of Field of Dreams in West Cary. An impressive facility designed for hosting baseball tournaments and such, a frequent Q could get a bit misty eyed thinking of all the possibilities that could unfold at such a place and the many ways the PAX could put in a solid downpainment under his watchful eye. On to it…

Franklin informed us that he was hopeful that he would an FNG to join us this morning. YHC gave an extra 30 seconds and with no such luck and YHC may have mentioned it was his first visit to Field of Dreams and had not done any scouting other than some aerial viewing…whatever. Ma Bell was incredulous.

Take off jogging up southwestern trail, jog for a good bit to a crosswalk and halt for 20x good mornings. Continue west along trail and up the hill, halt for 20x imperial walkers. YHC thought the aerial had shown the trail looping back north and east under then canopy…no such luck..turn around. Continue back down path that we started with PAX losing a bit of faith. Halt back at crosswalk and halt for 12x merkeins. Continue back to starting lot to find our FNG there not realizing we mean 5:45 AM sharp.

Assemble on basketball court for a nice set of 8’s. Bear crawl half of the court and jog the rest in each south direction followed by 8 dips. Crabwalk back north half of court and jog with 1 dying cockroach. Continue set in this manner until down to 1 dip and up to 8 dying cockroaches.

Follow YHC. jog to parking lot and down for instructions on the BAJA 500…the 1000 will have to wait. Partner up. P1 runs around 3 islands in the lot and meets back to P2. P2 has been performing merkeins. Flapjack. continue along until individually each man has completed 100 merkeins. Plank until PAX are complete. Next, P1 runs again whilst P2 performs lbc’s. Flapjack. and continue along until the team completed 200 lbc’s as a team. Next. same as the previous iteration except with prisoner squats…200 as a team.

Head over to stairs. Stairbarrows and flapjack, 2x each man

Mary: 30xFreddy Mercurys, 20x Russian hammers, 20x WWII’s

COT and YHC took us out.

Honored to lead you men, as always.