Pax of ten rolled into Apex Community Park to start their week off right. Let’s see what they did:

-Mosey around the loop x2;
-COP – SSH, GM, IW (controversy over proper form put Burt in a tailspin (or was that the pot of coffee), MC – Chatter got too much so we had to run.

-Three kings(three stations/three times through):
Station 1 – Run to the picnic area: 20 LR Step-ups, 20 Derkins, and 20 Irkins;
Station 2 – Run to the basketball court: 20 box jumps, 20 dips, and 20 LBCs;
Station 3 – Run to the top of the hill over the speed bump: 10 burpees

Each time you come back to “home base” and do 10 merkins.

Plank – Left/Right Arm x20, Chilcutt left/right x17 (twenty was too many #problematicasphalt)

Mary – Knee-up/LBC/Boat Canoe


Burt took us out.

Naked Moleskin:

– Q got about four (maybe) hours of sleep the night before but F3 does not worry itself with sleep. #weaknessleavingthebody Sorry I wasn’t spry with the work-out.
– Franklin conveyed that he has lost about thirty lbs since he started F3. Amazing! That was the best news I heard all day! Great job, bro.
– Ma Bell wears a pink durag and a mock turtleneck when it is cold. #gangster
– Burt doesn’t like being told about “proper form”. Just trying to keep the Pax on the straight an narrow, bro. #pureheart #straightbacks #sidestraddlehop


– Sign up to lead A-Team. Cough. Large Mouth. Cough. Michelob. Cough. Coney. Cough. Bartman. Man, I need to go see the doctor.
– Sign up for Go Ruck/BRR. You’ll be glad you did. #CSUP


– Burt’s relatives and Hotspot’s sister.

Thanks for coming to my B-Day Q. Always an honor to spend the morning with each of you.