22 Pax welcomed a cool morning and the two headed monster.  VIP passes given, guest arrived- we were on!  Fudd circled the group disclaimer given-

warm-up- lap around the park/lake with a few bear crawl stops over both bridges.  Finish up and circle up for:

Side straddle Hops x 25

Good mornings x 20

Imperial walkers x 20

Fazio arm circle x 20- 10 forward, 10-backwards

Mountain Climbers x 20

quick run back to the parking lot and line up at the bottom for 11’s.- 10 burpees oyo, run to top of lot 1 WW II sit-up- you know how this goes- Mumble Chatter & Merlot spilled.   Plank until all Pax finished

Franzia took over in Howard Dean form- AAARRRRRGGGHHHH

run around the parking lot and grounds- line up on the wall- First up

Peoples chair x 3 and 6 inches lower half way through

-Balls to the wall Peter Parkers  x 10 x 3

Balls to the wall- multiple 10 counts from the Pax-

run to the steps for stairbarrows in honor of vip Larry David-Partner up each partner 2 rounds to the top (much mumble chatter)

run the lake stopping at the steps- irkins top step, middle step, lower step- forgot the count- sucked regardless!

run back to main gate circle up- 50 lbc’s.  name-o-rama- 1 FNG- Welcome Mader

Prayer request + Ball of Man- Linda took us out.  Thanks to our Lord.

Honored to Co Q with Franzia and lead such a great Group of Men.  Thank you.