With the glow still warm from the Tar Heels’ pulsating 37-36 win over Pittsburgh Saturday, YHC thought it appropriate Monday’s Fetzer beatdown migrate to Kenan Stadium. It was dark and quiet in the ancient venue and the screams emanating from the 22 PAX likely matched those from the late-1960s Tar Heels who were ordered by Coach Bill Dooley to climb ropes hanging from the upper deck.

The Thang:

Warmup with SSH x 20, arm circles x 10 front and back, merkins x 10 and Carolina dry docks x 10. Then walk-lunge 25 yards along the track, high-knees 25 yards, ass-kickers 25 yards and bear crawl 25 yards. Then from the far end of the track we jogged to the north gate of Kenan, slipped in and ventured to field level.

From there the PAX ran the stadium steps for 10 minutes, stopping on the concourse at the top of each aisle for five burpees and at the bottom for five merkins.

Then we circled up on the west concourse for 30 seconds of bows-and-toes planks and 10x Parker Peters, that combo repeated three times.

On to the south gate for 10x CDD facing up the slope, then 10 facing down the slope.

On to the east terrace outside the Blue Zone for three sets of dips x 15 on the benches alternating with 10x step-ups each leg, then 10x one-legged squats with off-leg extended to the bench.

Back around to the north gate for 10 erkins on the slope, then turning around for 10 derkins on the slope.

We jogged back to Fetzer for a quick round of Mary: long-slow flutters, Russian hammers, LBCs, WWIIs and plank walk-ups.