After first trying this approach at Crucible/Lynn Road last summer, YHC wanted to bring the football tryouts to Juggernaut/Baileywick too this summer (can only do this during these longest days, as too much gloom has the potential for a PAX taking a football to the face).  I appreciate the PAX remembering to bring plenty of footballs! A disclaimer was given, as we had one FNG (welcome Spud!  Dingo’s 8-year-old 2.0).


  • Good mornings x 15
  • Merkins x 20 (first 10 with left leg in the air, second 10 with right leg up)
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Sir Fazio arm cirlces x 12 forward then reverse
  • Mountain Climbers x 30

The Thang

  1. Four stations of agility drills in the parking lots, with each group rotating several times through:
    • 5-cone drill, repeatedly running to a corner and back to the center, then to the next corner and back
    • 3-cone “L” drill — run from first cone to second and put hand down, back to first cone and hand down, then around the corner past the second cone and loop around the third cone before running back around the L
  2. Mosey up to the big field and everyone on the sideline for a “gasser” —  run hard across field and back twice in a row, with no break in between (always YHC’s favorite in August three-a-days)
  3. And then we spent the largest portion of the workout actually using the footballs, where we had four teams each using a 5-cone formation to work some more on speed and agility (and passing and catching!):
    • 2 men (one with a football) start about 5 yards beyond one end of the staggered cones, with the third about 5 yards past the other end of the cones
    • 1 of the 2 takes off and runs two diagonal lines with relatively quick turns, then two longer diagonal lines, then two more shorter diagonal lines with quick turns again — during either of the two longer stretches, the “QB” throws a pass to the man running the zig-zag route, receiver hauls it in and completes the route, ending up next to the third man; at that point, the third man starts running the route in the other direction, the prior receiver becomes the QB and so on in a continuous cycle
    • Every time a ball hits the ground, all the men on that team drop and do 5 merkins, then the receiver picks the ball up and continues on (one or two of these teams seemed to complete way more merkins than passes)
    • All the PAX stopped where they were in place a couple of times to complete 10 burpees OYO and 50 LBCs OYO, respectively, then jumped right back into routes
  4. The four teams line up on a field for a relay race.  1st man from each team takes a football as he sprints across and back field, then hands off to second man for the same, then third, and then fourth (except for two teams of 3 where runner #1 also ran the anchor leg).  Those not actively running are planking.  We tossed a man from the 4-man teams to the 3-man teams and then ran another relay.

Only a couple minutes left for:


  • Jog back down to the parking lot and circle up
  • Merkins x 10 OYO (every time up move one hand, so changing among standard, wide-grip, diamond, alternating grip, etc.)
  • WWII situps x 20


Announcements:  Q’s needed at the Crick; Q’s needed later in the summer at Crucible; F3 Dads at 0930 on June 4

Prayer Requests:

  • Pothole’s niece
  • Sussudio’s father
  • Pygmy’s young relative who passed away fighting a fire (as well as all the other first responders out there who protect us all)

Thanks to CDC for taking us out with some strong words.  I appreciate the opportunity to lead you fine men and your flexibility in trying some different things in this workout.