15 PAX toured the Falcon this morning. It was a great morning and the last day of school. YHC has been hobbled quite a lot lately so designed a Q to be able to boss everyone around from the back of the pack. Getting old has its challenges.

Run to the circle for warmup
10 burpees
WMH x 10
Merkins x 10
LBAC x 10
Reverse x 10
Body squat x 10

the first main thing

walking lunge to the bottom of the hill, 9 burpees, 10 cadence merkins
ran to the track for a 200 sprint, 8 burpees, 10 cadence merkins
partner carry 200, 7 burpees, 10 cadence merkins
walking lunge approx. 200, 6 burpees, 10 cadence merkins
run, run, run towards the tennis courts with brief stint of 5 burpees

the second main thing
line up on tennis court and plank. First in line does 5 merkins and sprints one court suicide. as soon as the first finishes 5 merkins, the next goes and chases the first and so on. we then did the second court, third court, and finished to the fourth court.

WWII x 20
LBC x 25
Russian Hammer x 25
Flutters x 43(I think)

We went out in prayer giving thanks for Sweats 2.0 and PBR 2.0. I was honored to lead this group.