No FNGs.  Rio was silently on two wheels in the green machine and YHC decided to leave him behind and head off with slow jog down to the scenic overlook for little warm-up. SSH, Mountain climbers, low plank hold, Imperial Walker.  Back in plank to stretch calves, Achilles and piriformis stretch while Burt shared his Top 10 Jane Fonda motivational quotes.

Thang. Run to the top of the looooong stairs, six Burpee’s, run back down, 10 merkins, repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat.

Gather at the bottom for some LBC’s and then head to the upper bridge for modified plank climb. Start with plank on the lowest rungs climb to the top while in plank and back down. I YHC can do it, anyone can. Repeat

Mosey back down to the scenic overlook for two more rounds of stairway to heaven with seven Burpee’s at the top for an even 50 total. More LBC’s at scenic overlook

Heading back for Mary, 80% to the first intersection, AYG to the second intersection, jog it up to the shelter switching halfway with a backwards run.

Gather for a little Mary speed round. 16 guys, time for only 10 (pax calls and counts).
LBC hammer reverse LBC dolly Rosalita box cutter Burpee’s dips star jumps

Prayer concerns for Burts son and friends parachuting from helicopter today in Europe. PBX fellow church member. And YHCs death in family

YHC took us out in prayer

Men you have helped me to find and grow my spiritual, physical and personal strength. Priceless during times of need.

Rip and Calli. After Monday’s FNG YHC was