Wow – Sweet 16 themed workout with 16 pax – YHC couldn’t have planned that if he tried.  Although the conspiracy theorists out there are still questioning the missing FNG and the car that drove through our warm up jog, idled in the parking lot for a few minutes and then drove out of the park, passing the pax once again.  Was this someone that YHC paid off to help make sure we got 16 pax? or was this an FNG who has already earned the name Driveby without ever showing up at workout….

Oh well, 16 strong cold souls circled up, waited patiently for Airbag to put in his appearance in his shiny red Taco (Did I mention that it is a Toyota…. insert product placement here).  Airbag arrives and we are off

Jog up the main road towards Green Hope School Road (dodging Drive by) and into the left hand parking lot where we circle up for Warm up

GM x 16, SSH x16, (shout out to Chef Tell – 2 exercises in – he asks if the theme is the sweet 16 – glad to see others have basketball on the brain) Imperial Walker x16, Sir Fazio x16 (both directions), Quick Feet x16.  At this point, Drive by – leaves the park so we do 8 penalty burpees.

Jog to first soccer field – what there is a new soccer field at Field of Dreams?  and it has artificial turf?  Wow – with things like this – perhaps one day Callahan will drop his hatred of TOC.  YHC has been wondering for the last 6 weeks, why none of the QICs had dared to go in – I guess no one wanted to be the first to break the seal…. but alas, now it is done

Pax – Line up along sideline and do the long lost cousin of 7s or 11s. – that right we did 16s – merkins at one end and squats at the other end – 14/2, 12/4, 10/6, 8/8, 6/10, 4/12, 2/14

Next we partnered up for the next phase

Partner 1 – Peoples chair, Partner 2 – Bear Crawl across field, jog back – flap jack

Partner 1 – BTTW, Partner 2 – Lunge walk across, jog back – flap jack

Partner 1 – Peoples chair, Partner 2 – karaoke, both ways – flap jack

Partner 1 – BTTW, Partner 2 – backward run both ways – flap jack

Jog out the back corner of the field, around the hedge and onto the second soccer field – YHC figured if you were going to break one seal, might as well break them both


The 16s had been such a hit (and had minimal mumblechatter) that YHC thought we should do again so Pax – Line up along sideline and do 16s – LBCs at one end and squat jumps at the other end – 14/2, 12/4, 10/6, 8/8, 6/10, 4/12, 2/14

Then back to partners

Partner 1 – Peoples chair, Partner 2 – crab walk, jog back – flap jack

Partner 1 – Run – Partner 2 – BTTW – Largemouth, run 2x – just because he is so fast.

Enough with the soccer fields at this point, over to the Pavilion for more of the sweet 16 tournament

Grab a bench for Alternating Left/Right step ups followed by Irkins followed by Dips– 16x, then 8x, then 4x, then 2x.  At this point, we had made the championship game so we headed over to the


basketball court for some Mary

WW2 x16, Heel Touches x16, Freddy Mercury x16, and finally – as a gift to Callahan – who was surprisingly docile today – Hello Dolly x16.

Lots of 16s, 16 Pax – Great Day


Announcements – only meaningful one was upcoming 2nd F at Ma Bells – April 16th

Prayer requests – Chef Tell’s wife’s cousin, Grease Monkey’s wife, and for the passing of Disco Duck’s father.

Thanks Men – an honor to lead

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  • I’m just gunna say it, because I know we’re all thinking it…could you have made the title just a touch longer? Seriously. Bro.

    Quote of the day (during naming ceremony):
    PAX: “Well, how about ‘The U’?”
    Recall: “Yeah, but that’s Miami.”
    PAX: “Exactly.”

    This exchange always makes me smile.

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