We’ve made one complete pass through the Ethanol lineup and we are back to the top of the order. The Lynn Loop is back for tomorrow. Nothing better in the morning than a strong cup of Creedmoor!


    Starting times:

  • 5:26 – 9 min/mile to 8:30 min/mile
  • 5:30 – 8:30 min/mile to 8:00 min/mile
  • 5:34 – Under 8:00 min/ mile
    Route for this week:

Out the mall entrance:
Left on Glenwood
Right on Creedmoor
Left on Lynn Rd
Left on Leesville Rd
Left on Millbrook Rd (Cross to the far side of Millbrook; no sidewalk on the left side)
Right on Creedmoor
Left on Glenwood and finish at the cross walk to the mall entrance.


See you in the morning.