6 Pax made it out for a field trip off the track and a quick tempo run.

Warm up

  • 800m fellow ship pace
  • Windmills
  • Spooky stretches (or the Wuerffel’s groin aches stretch)
  • Ham String Stretches

The Need for Speed

First the pax chose partners and ran ¬†2X400m relay, Next, we moseyed¬†to the corner of Battle Ln and Franklin Street for a tempo run. Everyone pushing their pace, the faster guys ran to Weaver St and back, following in Pink’s wake right up the center of the road. Slower guys ran to Jiffy Lube (Merritt Mill Rd) and back. We jogged to Country Club Rd, ran backwards up the hill, and then hustled back to the track, arriving right at 6:30.


This is officially the first workout where there was no mention of the Blue Ridge Relay because Chapel Hill’s two teams are complete!

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