Stepped into a chilly gloom this morning. One that not many would be encouraged to step into. Five brave souls joined me to help get themselves Mile Test Ready for next week. HiFi always pushes my limits, every single time. To be honest, in the last few months I have wimped out on posting here. While some excuses were legitimate, others boiled down to me just not being willing to take the demands the track puts on a person, both mentally and physically. The best way to turn a new leaf is leading a workout out here. Thanks to the pax who welcomed me back and thanks for pushing me as you always do.


Start out with a 3/4 mile warm up – .75 miles complete

2 x 800 30 seconds above mile pace. 1.75 miles complete

4 x 400 10 seconds above mile pace 400 recovery to follow.  3.0 miles complete

4 x 200 at Mile pace with a 200 in between each. Go straight into recovery 200 but stop till all are on the line for next 200. Rest on the recovery.     4.0 miles complete

2 x 400s at mile pace. 400 recovery. 4.75 miles complete

1 800 at mile pace. 1 800 warm down. 5.75 complete

Only Announcement: Mile Test Next week. Same time. Same place.

No Prayer Request.

Thanks for letting me Q this morning.