YHC is stepping in for Skyline while he’s recovering from surgery. Praying for a quick recovery so that he’ll be back in the gloom in a month but for today you got me. Chilly one this morning too.


Singlewide broke out the 80lb coupon and lead us to the steps. Pax with the coupon goes all the way up the steps and back down. The other Pax bearcrawl the steps and do the called exercises at each landing. Stop at the asphalt landing and come back down. Hand off the coupon and repeato.

  • M’ericans x 5
  • Rosalita x 10

The Warm Up:

  • SSH x 30 IC
  • IW x 15 IC
  • GM x 10 IC
  • WM x 10 IC

The Thang:

Dora 123 – Partner up. Do called exercises as a team. Alternate running the parking lot.

  • Plank Jacks x 100
  • Mountain Climbers x 200
  • Side Straddle Hop x 300

Run to the Steps by the Carousel for…

11’s – Run up the steps to the Octagonal? pavilion. Turn around come back down the steps and grab a bench. Do both exercises and then repeato.

  • Dip x 1
  • M’erican x 9

That’s all folks

Strava Flyby!!!


Announcements – 

Trucker noted a GORUCK event. See here MAFFS7GORUCK

I like Taco’s has a great event that you can check out here the food drive kid

Franzia – Haven House workout tonight 5:15pm – 6pm Great way to double down.

Prayer Concerns – 

All those in Brussels

Those dealing with surgery and recovery

Those coping with losses

Singlewide tying the knot this Friday


Singlewide lead us in prayer


Great group this morning. Strong work by all. I really had to push to keep up with this crew. A lot of new faces I hadn’t seen before. #growth #isi. As always an honor to lead. See you in the gloom.