YHC loaded up the pain truck with tires, cinder blocks, and fire hose last night knowing that there would likely be a small turnout in the frigid cold gloom. On arrival w/only 3-4 minutes to quickly unload and set up 9 pain stations and not another vehicle in the parking lot, I was beginning to wonder whether it may be a PAX of 1 kinda morning in the 10° temps spread across the frozen tundra. I was excited to see 3 more #HIM pull in just in the nick of time!

Didn’t stand around and mumble chatter at all, we quickly started out with about a 3/4 mile warm up jog around the park and then back to the parking lot to circle up.

SSH & Imp. Walkers x 25 ea. IC followed by Good Mornings & Cotton Pickers x 10 ea. IC

Pain stations consisted of 2 large flipping tires, 1 dragging tire w/waist belt, 2 50′ lengths of 3″ fire hose for dragging, 45lb barbell, 50lb cement wheel, 2 40lb jugs of solid ice, 2 cinder blocks, and 1 50′ section of 3″ fire hose flaked & taped for shoulder carry lunges.

Each PAX chose a pain station and proceeded to make his way across the parking lot with his heavy load. Reverse direction at opposite end and make his way back to the start. Swap stations and rinse & repeat. After 4 individual stations completed we each partnered up and ran in opposite directions around tennis courts to meet on other side of parking lot and complete 10 slap merkins. Rinse and repeat once back to the main parking lot and start round 2 of another set of 4 individual pain station carries. All completed a set of 10 merkins IC to finish up workout and then loaded truck back up with all the heavy toys.

Circled up for MARY on tennis court for 25 LBCs, 20 Flutter Kicks, 11 WWIIs, 15 Box Cutters, & 20 star jumps all IC.

COT: Announcement of support for Werewolf coming to SouthWake later this month and a good turnout of 30 PAX in Durham on 1-1-18 at Thin Blue Line. Come out to support Q-Swaps week next week in CarPex and SouthWake.

BOM: Pray for Crablegs dealing with ALS and for the families who are struggling through this extreme cold weather, especially the children of these families who often times are not equipped with proper clothing for this type of cold .

YHC led us out in prayer.

Double D