This BB is long overdue but the 15 Dec 2017 rendition of Tahoe was a lot of fun I just had to share.  From my recollection, the general conditions were clear and cold, temps in the 30’s.  20 PAX posted and given the cold temps, YHC looked around, saw mostly grizzled vets and forgot to ask if any newbies had posted…so essentially, no disclaimer was given.  We’ll come back to that Q fail a little later…

YHC was pumped to have my 2.0 Boog posting with me now that his exams were over and admittedly, there was some Q-drenaline pumping through my veins.  My general plan for the workout had a route in mind but I always allow for some flexibility depending on the number of PAX that post.  At 530 sharp, we had a good crowd and here’s what went down.

Circle up – 10 Burpees OYO to get the blood flowing

  • Soul Glow decides to join us after watching the burpees from his car… YHC promptly calls for 10 more burpees.  Predictably, mumblechatter ensues… YHC is happy.

Partner up (3 to a group) and mosey across Six Forks to the bottom of the short hill across from the First Citizens rocket ship parking lot to await further instructions.

LEG 1 – 3 man Indian Run to the Hilton hotel (just under 2 miles).  When your group arrives, start some Mary or other exercise.

  • Flutter Kicks
  • Freddy Mercury’s (among a few exercises)

LEG 2 – 3 man Indian Run from the hotel parking lot, take a left on Benson Road, then a right into the BIG and LONG parking lot for the office building behind the hotel, run to the back of the lot and back around to the front, take a left on Benson, left on St. Albans and run to the main entrance of Church of the Apostles (about 2 miles).

  • Squats
  • LBCs (with an invite for coffee from some of the older men at the church gathering for a Bible Study)

LEG 3 – 3 man Indian Run to the top of the new parking garage next to the church

  • 20 Partner Clap Merkins
  • Irkins on the wall with a nice view of the downtown Raleigh skyline
  • some other exercise I don’t recall
  • Mosey down the stairwell to the outdoor jungle gym
  • 10 pullups each and squat hold when complete

LEG 4 – 3 man Indian Run to the top of the other new parking garage next to the Allscripts building

  • 20 Partner Clap Merkins
  • some other exercise I don’t recall
  • mosey down the stairwell and gather as a group

LEG 5 – fellowship jog to the water fountain next to World of Beer

  • Circle up around the fountain for Alternating Right-Left step up burpees (20 OYO)

LEG 6 – 3 man Indian Run to the top of the Captrust parking garage

  • Peoples Chair waiting for the six
  • Mosey down the stairwell and fellowship jog back to the Starbucks

MARY – 10 burpees OYO

COT / Counterama / Nameorama

  • this is when we found out we had an FNG in our midst
  • we learned that he was invited by Pepe who did not post
  • after some discussion, the FNG was christened “Udderbalm” and shortly thereafter, took off in a flash for work (his office was in Durham) and considering he said he has been running since age 5 (or was it 10?), we think he may have run there.
  • Polaroid closed us out in prayer
  • Coffeeteria was well attended as we hounded Pepe for not posting.  Pepe took it in good stride and eventually showed up with a story in tow.  Fun was had by all.  I think we clocked in at 5.5 miles total.  Good times.
  • The 3 man Indian Run simply put… you have no room to hide.  I was first introduced to this gem by Maize at Whiplash and it sucked, especially on a longer leg.  The pace of your group is hard to get right because you’re constantly speeding up, slowing down.  There isn’t much time for a break and with PAX of various speed levels interspersed among the different groups, all speed levels were challenged on each leg.  It’s a great warm up and way to keep a larger group challenged.  I encourage any Q to keep it in the back pocket.

Enjoyed it my brethren.  See you in the gloom.

ISI – ManRam