10 Pax members braved the cold temperatures to tackle the hills around Martin Middle this morning. We all survived and luckily YHC brought a cone to mark our progress. We couldn’t find the cone but it was there in all it’s weak cone glory. Let’s see what the PAX did:

– Mosey down the hill for COP

– SSH x20, IW x15, GM x15, and Mountain Climber x15

Mosey toward the greenway hill and run about 7/8 #sunshinewilllikethat #thinksinfractions of the way up.

At each stop (6/8, 5/8, you get the picture – keep moving down the hill to start) continually increase your speed up the hill until you end in a sprint and jog back down to the cone.

We did seven different stations working our way down the hill until the sprint and the jog were effectively the same speed. #runninginmud

Mosey over to Horton for two rounds up the hill.

End the last round in the parking lot and mosey the parking lot for a cool down.


Naked Moleskin:

* Sunshine thinks in fractions and Fazio dreams in colors. That’s how the work-out started. How does Hi-Fidelity not draw more people? #TheJudgeisenvious
* Enron ran a few miles prior to the hill work-out and came a bit late for the launch. He still dominated with those extra miles under his belt. #overachiever
* Munson single-handedly shut down Crowley’s with his terrible review of this watering hole last week. Let’s go with that. It was Munson’s fault…not that it was terrible.
* Traffic Cone loves the hills. Good push out there this AM!

Announcements: Check the website. F3 Raleigh 3rd Anniversary at Pullen Park – March 7th at 6:45.

Layover took us out.

Always an honor to spend the morning with each of you,