14 fine gentleman checked yes to the Tahoe option this week and they were all better for it. YHC wanted to do some track workout time as minutes were missed at HiFi this week. So, off to the track we went:

-Mosey over to Carroll Middle for COP
-COP – SSH, GM, Merkinsx20, Wide Armx20, Diamondx20, Windmill.
-Track – Run for five minutes straight at T pace (run your mile about twenty seconds slower than your 10K mile race pace) and then jog for a minute. Repeat three times.
-100 meters of backwards running/100 meters of forward running x2.
-50 meters of burpee broad jump/50 meters of lunge walk.

-Mosey to the top of the track- People’s chair then balls to the wall – 10 count times six.
-Mosey to the First Citizen’s oval track.

-Partner up – Run around the track with 10 starjumps at the teller booth and 10 derkins off your partners back on the opposite side of the oval x2.
-Run around the track with 10 burpees at the teller booth and 10 LBCs on the opposite side of the oval x2.
-One partner runs up the stairs and the other does two exercises x2.

-Mosey back to the Panera parking lot.
-Mary – Flutter kicks, boat/canoe, six-inch leg hold (10 count around the circle) and six-inch plank hold (5 count around the circle).

YHC hasn’t posted at Tahoe much in last quarter of 2016 and I’m pumped to be back at one of the best sites. Unfortunately, YHC had led a Tahoe workout where the planning and the execution didn’t sync up. Let’s just say we missed our time hack by about ten minutes. Luckily, MacGruber reminded me of my former sin prior to the work-out so we kept this workout tight and close to home base. Rest peacefully world. Order was restored.

-Mule is March 4th. Do it.

-Headgear’s wife, Java’s dad and ManRam family.

ManRam took us out.
Honor to spend the morning sweating with each of you. Thanks for letting me take the Q Pepe!