Another overnight electrical storm brought another helping of humidity for the PAX of 26 at Lourdes this morning. New faces and old alike, with the rainfall and large crew we ventured to a spot with some space. The Ides of March carries additional significance to the Romans beyond Ceasar’s fall…who knew?

The Thang:

Run up Anderson to the ENT office

Warm-Up: Mountain Climbers x 10, Good Mornings x 10, Merkins x 10, SSH x 10…..move to lower lot.

Set of 11s with CDD & Dying Cockroach

Rockettes : Prisoner Squats x 25, Monkey Humpers x 25, Jumping Lunges x 25, Squat Jumps x 25…….jog to end of upper lot, partner up

The Grinder: Partner 1 runs to Anderson and back, partner 2 AMRAPs reps (exercises were LBCs, Merkins, Spiderman Merkins, Hand-Release Merkins x 2, Monkey Humpers x 2, Spiderman Merkins) AMRAP Burpees till all are done (ran for 20 minutes straight.

3 parking lot sprints, circle up

Plank Jacks x 35, Decliners x 21

Sprint back to the start, AMRAP knee-ups till all are in + 1 minute

COT with prayer by Swingline

Naked Moleskin:

-My goodness it was humid, must have been why Au Pair was quiet. T-claps to Initech (2nd week) and John Denver (2nd post), new PAX on the scene. Also good to see a few faces coming back around now out of hibernation now that the weather is a little warmer. When’s Apu Q’ing his next workout?

Phoenix launches this Saturday in Cary, 7am at Bond Park……now they have a full lineup of workouts.

Whiplash returns to a 6:30am start this week, 90 minutes will return to 1st Sat of the month on April 2nd.

-May 22nd Haven House Cornhole Tournament at Trophy Brewing, save the date!

-T-claps to the organizers of both The Mule and The Bull, both clearly a success with participation and relatively low injury tally.

-Rumor has it there’s a Super Spartan in the works for this area potentially as soon as the fall. Could be the #CSUAP we’ve been thirsting for locally. Stay tuned.

-Prayers for SBD and his knee.