One year ago today I didn’t hit snooze on my alarm, sleepily made my way to my car, and arrived at Pullen Park at 5:40 am. A friend from Charlotte, Buttermaker, knew I enjoyed running and suggested I check out F3. After he mentioned it a few times I said, “well why not?”  As he had promised there was a group of about 20 guys out there all talking around this shovel with an American flag on it. I was quickly greeted and welcomed by a few of them. I also quickly realized that tank tops (like I was wearing) were not normal attire for this group. I did the work out partnering up with Epoxy. I remember using rocks to do curls and triceps and thinking “man this couldn’t get more cultish and manly at the same time”. Walking away Epoxy told me about a few other workouts to check out and to take a look at the Twitter. “I could do this once a week or something” I thought.

That afternoon, I not only felt significantly more sore than my daily YMCA trips had ever made me but also felt a pull to go back…ASAP. F3 has been a huge impact on my life. I can point to this time last year being the start of me improving in a lot of ways; physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have the excellent men of F3 Raleigh to thank for that! I appreciate each of you guys and I hope I have been able to influence your lives even a portion of how much you have influenced mine.

Alright so enough of the soft stuff. I went back and looked at the workout from my first post and it was naturally March Madness themed (Qed by New Mexico). I figured I would pick up that framework and go from there.

EC: Well I ran solo around the lake and did some stretching….no one showed.

The Main Event:

Warm Up: 20 SSH, 10 Good Mornings, 20 Imperial Walkers.

Field of 64: Partner up. One partner runs around the Carousel the other is completing derkins and box jumps. Each couple is responsible of 64 of each.

Round of 32: Mosey to top parking lot. Line up on the side. 32 LBCs. Sprint to the other side, 32 WW2s, gasser to the other side and back, 32 Freddy Mercuries, Gasser to the other side. Mosey over to the rock pile next to the tennis courts.

Round of 16: Grab rocks. 16 curls, 16 triceps, do four sets. (this is exactly what we did my first workout)

Round of 8: Beast on the Tennis Courts. One partner has a rock and is doing 8 goblet squats and 8 rows while the other is doing Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Spiderman Merkins (8 reps instead of 6)

Final Four: Put down rocks. Merkin set = 4 diamond, 4 Wide Grip, 4 explosive, 4 Swiss. Suicide, Merkin set, Suicide, Merkin set, Suicide, Merkin set.

Championship: Mosey back to the start. Finish off with 10 ascending merkin burps.  The merkin count goes up within your burpee as your burpee count goes up. We did 10 oyo.

Finale: 20 Scuba Buddhas.

Announcements: Not many to speak of. Still BRR is happening. Get with me if you are looking for a team. We have filled out 7 now. Also Arena is now every Friday and going well. Ellas race which supports Children’s cancer research is next weekend in North Raleigh. Get is Mr. Bigglesworth for more info.

Prayer Request: None mentioned. I am sure plenty unspoken.

Again thanks to all who came and supported me and who have throughout the year. Looking forward to year 2 in the gloom.



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  • Hard to believe Pepe has been around only a year, a significant contributor to F3 Raleigh across all three Fs in short time. T-claps to New Mexico and Epoxy for not missing on the opportunity to encourage a return. Aye!

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