Thanks to daylight saving time, darkness once again greeted the 19 PAX members including one FNG. Warm weather and a locked gate were also there to say good morning. What was not there this morning was a Q with a functioning watch! When YHC got the signal from some helpful partners, the disclaimer was followed up with some expert legal interpretation courtesy of McCants.

A quick jog back to the first parking lot for the warmup

20 SSH, 10 Alt Lunge Squats, 10 Pike Stretch Each Leg, 20 Hackey Sacks, 20 Toe Kicks

Special Request for a Merkin, so we did one

20 Mountain Climbers, 10 Forward Big Arm Circles, 10 Backward Big Arm Circles

Mosey on back to the Big Shelter (Complete with some flapping arms to warm the shoulders up)

First, a quick little rearranging of the furniture (YHC can’t resist!)

20 Dips

20 Erkins

10 Derkins, Move hands back, 10 derkins, Move hands back, 10 derkins

20 Dips

Skip the Erkins, cuz, why not….

10 Vertical Derkins (Could be called the VD erkin but that sounds like something else)

Mosey to the Tennis Court

Wrist Rolls, loosen up those wrists before


BTTW with slow flutter kick, 10 count


Mosey out to the top of the circle

Partner up for CMIYC

P1 – Burpee Broadjump (i.e. Leap Foreward)

P2 – 5 Imp Squat Walker each side

Bear Crawl to partner

Fast PAX Members got half way around and started a Plank Series.

Mosey To the bottom of the Chardstone Hill

AYG sprint to the 4th light pole (Largemouth and Grease Monkey lead the way, as usual)

Off to the Parking lot above the hill for



10 x Homer to Marge

10 x Homer to Marge Left Leg up/Right Leg up

10 x J Lo

20 x Rock Stars

Finally to the front parking lot for some Pax Called Mary

Hasslehoff: Merkins

Compoud W: Burpees

Nabisco: CDD’s

Katniss: American Hammers

Franklin: WWII’s

YHC – Piriformis Stretch, L/R

YHC – Pike Stretch, L/R


That’s all she wrote



Phoenix Inaugural Workout 3/19

2nd F Ma Bell’s place on 4/16

Welcome FNG “The Leg” as in “SWEEP THE LEG”

Prayer Requests

Goose’s Mother Linda having a Knee Replacement

McCant’s friend Liam’s family needs prayers of strength through their trials


As always, and honor to lead, and you men humble me with your dedication.


Michelob’s Strava Link since YHC’s watch broke –