Nice crisp morning with 44 degrees in the JoCo gloom.  My first time down south this year after a few weeks. Pleasantly surprised to see the pax emerge from the gloom for a count of 7.  Gave out our preliminary disclaimer especially for our FNG

Warm Up: lately I have enjoyed doing a set of 21 side- straddle hop with a cadence count out loud until 5 or 6.  The rest is done silently and the challenge is for all of us to end at the same time on 21.  There will be punishment if we don’t end simultaneously, YHC, couldn’t help but smile as  a couple of pax rolled in during side-straddle hop as it ensured our failure and resulting set.

10 good mornings

Hard Hat every the eager beaver

15 cotton pickers

10 murkins

10 mountain climbers

20 Sir Fazio arm circles


The Thang: Timekeeper exercises involves one person on team of 3 or 4 performing a set number of exercises while the station 1 does murkins, station 2 Lt. Dans, station 3 LBC.  The timekeeper exercises were 15 pullups, 15 burpees, and Sweet Gum Log flip down the sand pit.  Once a person finishes the timekeeper exercise everyone rotates to the next station until all on the team has a turn at being timekeeper.  Once we had completed the revolution we took the 1/2 mile lap around the park and then started the next timekeeper exercise.  The two teams reunited at the last timekeeper exercise of the log flips.  In my excitement, I realized that I never gave out the punishment for the 21’s, so I introduced the Boulder set.

Boulder Set: Not stopping and continuous sets of

10 murkins

10 sec plank hold

10 murkins

10 Maktar Ndaydes (spelling is slaughtered I’m sure but it’s going back forth between chill-cut plank and standard plank)

10 murkins with one leg up

10 shoulder taps

10 thigh taps.

The last round of log flips we teamed together for the stations 1 & 2 being Lt. Dans and squats, and LBC’s with low slow flutter Kicks.  Time was short so I apologize to the two that missed out on the log flip.

Moleskin: I hate sweet gum trees and vowed to cut down a tree a year from the yard.  I personally believe that the tree exists directly as a result of God’s curse on the earth ( they have thorny balls).  Though we live in a sin-cursed world God is so powerful as to use the effects of sin to make us stronger, meaning more Christ-like.  So the sweet gum tree is used to make us stronger.

COT/prayer:  unspoken prayer request.

Namerama: Welcome Robert who is now known as Decoy!  He properly christened the station for 2019 with a three-fold “toast” and I was personally encouraged as the Q.  Good work Decoy! Thank you, men, for letting me lead this morning.