First workout for YHC in the new year! 2 percent and Chelsea flew into the parking lot at 1 min till and YHC decided to mosey down the road and back to pick up Blood sport showing up 5 min late…PAX burpee penalty begin.
Indian Run for some Green Pickle Pounders (Basketball Court Partner Line drill work)
One partner does basketball line drill and the other does Squats. Swap PAX and repeat and plank for six.
Repeat with:
Balls to wall
Carolina Dry docks
People chair

We had a sad clown by the name of Thomas running around the track tell us he couldn’t join us because he was warming up.  His next lap around he said he wasn’t in good enough shape to hang with us… we all looked at each other in shock of the amazing complement but also how incorrect his declaration was. I told him to enjoy running in circles but that he could join whenever he got bored.

Scout run back to shelter for Aiken legs!
20 squats
20 box jump (step up or squat jump to modify)
20 lunges
20 split jacks
no rest between all and plank for the six

Once Pax all in plank, plankarama

Repeat Aiken legs 2 round and plank for six.

Mosey to sidewalk

Skater Drill
10 skaters (jump left and right over line, up to each PAX how far each jump is)
10 Merkins.
Repeat 3 rounds

Mosey to parking lot for Whole Lotta Rosie
based off ACDC song with dimensions of a pretty lady 42-39-56.
30 Mountain Climbers
42 LBCs
30 Mountain Climbers
39 R double twist crunch (Repeated to left)
30 Mountain Climbers
56 Flutter kicks

1 recovery lap around the park scout run.

1.7 miles total with the Bootcamp beatdown, benefit of the 1 hr beatdown is that 2 rounds of Aiken legs isn’t even close to being enough with these guys.

COT/BOM: Bloodsport for personal struggle and upcoming move. YHC has a new puppy =   essentially a new baby! Chelsea is taking part with his father(in Mexico) and family at JMC with the Daniel Fast, be in prayers for what God will speak to them during this time. Home study for 2 percent in possible foster approval, big step forward.

Announcements: Bloodsport moving next Saturday, come to Mad Mule and head there later to get the double workout.
Event at Raven Rock coming up.
BRR headlocking

Great work men! #giveitaway