14 PAX braved the fog and humidity for a T’eo smack down. Boy did he deliver. Today was a brutal workout. I just woke up after an hour of passing out on the couch.

Warm Up:
SSH x 25
LBAC forward x 20
LBAC backwards x 20
Willie Mays Hayes x 20
Merkins x 20
Shoulder presses x 20
Merkins x 20
Shoulder presses x 20
Windmills x 10

The Thang
Jog on over to the middle school track. Huh. Never realized it was over there, just beyond a small hill and trail through the woods. Maybe it should’ve remained hidden for all eternity.

3/4 mile variable Indian run. Basically an Indian run where the person in front defines the pace. If you want to go slow (good idea) great. If you want to go fast (not good) great. If you want to sprint (are you crazy?) also allowed. Needless to say this one was pretty tough and yours truly finished 1/8 of a mile after the rest of the group.

The People’s chair- competition style
How long can you last? If you fall out early, you have to plank in front of the person you think will win. Who won? That’s right. From worst to first…Floyd! Thanks Chachi for being the only one to believe in me. Being on the corner post “may” have helped.

Jog back to the turf field for a 2 team competition called “5 point”
Teams were split up into 7 PAX each. Starting at opposing corners of the field.
Everyone starts in planking position. 1st PAX goes. When he gets to the corner, the next one goes.
Run to corner, do 20 Merkins
Walking lunge to half field, do 20 shoulder presses
Run along half line to other side, do 20 Low slow flutters
Traveling Burpees back to the starting corner, do 20 Carolina Dry docks
Run to soccer goal, grab 30 pound shaft, run around cone in middle of field and back, hand off to next guy
Everyone ends in planking position.
Team 2 wins, Team 1 does 30 penalty merkins.

Run to basketball court. What? That’s where T’eo parked his car. We thought he was camping in the woods last night.
Turns on radio. Everyone in plank position. Each time “thunder” is said, do inclined merkin. I don’t know the number, but it was a lot!

15 minutes of Mary
Choose your own adventure. Everyone picks an exercise, around the circle 14 total. (in no particular order)
Heels to heavens (Chester style)
6 inch leg raises x 140 count
Freddie Mercuries
Mountain climbers
Parker Peters
Knee up merkins
Leg Bobs
Maktar N’Djae
Bows and toes VJJs
Long slow flutters
Parter assisted full sit ups
Can’t remember #14.

Amazing workout T’eo. I was drenched.
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