The PAX arrived at Fletcher Park to find driving rain, thunder and lightning. YHC consulted with four members of the PAX (Maize, White Shoe, Shaggy and Chong Li) who had already been on site for the Blitz (new 5:30 kettle bell workout, separate backblast to follow) and one who had completed stage one of the Gobbler (Munson), and each confirmed that the electrical storm was not an issue and we were good to go.

Lap around and through the park (partially for exercise, partially in search of unsubmerged grounds).

Warm up on tennis courts: SSH x 20, imperial walkers x 20, mountain climbers x 20, windmills x 20.

The Andy Roddick: Sprint from baseline to net, simulate volley, backpedal to service line, jump for overhead slam, sprint to net, simulate volley, backpedal to baseline – do five burpees. Repeat with descending burpees each time 5, 4, 3, 2 to 1.

Leg work: Dan Jansens x 20, single leg deadlift x 20, lung walk length of two courts, peoples chair. Repeat.

Run to stone circle, stop on the way in picnic area for 10 pull ups.

Uphill Sprints and Staggered Merkins: with Hamburger Hill impassable, we headed to the stone circle for some hill work. Sprint from stone circle up hill toward upper field, jumping up both walls on the way, stopping at second sidewalk. Staggered merkins at second sidewalk. 10 roundtrips, increasing staggered merkins from 1 to 10 on each trip.

11’s on the Wall: one arm incline merkins and jump ups.

Dips x 10, standard merkins x 10. Repeat.

Jog to picnic area for Mary: LBCs, the Gyno, Freddie Mercury.

Last exercise: 5 pull ups, run up hill to Washington Street and back, 5 pull ups.


– As the PAX charged over the crest of the first hill sprint, we startled three Broughton students having a smoke in the dark, in the park, in the rain, just before morning classes. TARP quickly made them feel at ease with the onrushing soaked men in black by yelling “keep doing what you’re doing!”

– Thursday night, 7:30 pm, the PR. GoRuck info session. Come drink beer, fellowship and learn more about the GoRuck Challenge.

– March 1 convergence Pullen Park. F3 Raleigh two year anniversary.

– As always, we prayed for the guys at Urban Jungle.

*Urban Jungle Regular