YHC was planning this morning’s Beatdown while watching Russell Westbrook & Kevin Durant defeat the evil Spurs Empire. I was inspired by the relentless attitude Westbrook plays with. It’s always 100mph for that guy. Truly an inspiration for how we should attack our beatdowns in the gloom each day. 12 pax arrived and with no FNG’s we were off. 


-jog around tennis courts then down to field house

-ssh x 25

-iw x 15 & hillbillies x 15

-good morning x10

-Sir gazing arm circles x 10 forward x 10 reverse

The Thang


-jog to the bottom of the hill & split into two groups. 

-team 1 sprints to first light post and does 25 Merkins then bear crawls downhill

-team 2 does ww2’s/squat jumps/Freddy Mercury while team 1 completes the trip up/down hill

-teams switch 

-repeat 3x

-all out run to top of hill


Grab a rock and circle up

Each pax calls out an exercise for 25 reps then pass the rock. 

Return rocks to pile

Jog to tennis courts for Mary

LBCs x 30

Reverse LBC’s x 30

Run a 22 (down & back 2x)

Dying cockroach x 35

Chill cut plank x 30

Prayers for Moonshine’s job hunt and a friend of Banana Seat who just lost their 3-year old son, Micah to illness.