Don’t let the name fool you. No day is an ordinary day at Bradford’s Ordinary. This morning, a streetwalker happened by just as we were getting ready to go, hawking his merch: tank tops. OIB tanktops? Check. Reagan tanktops? Check. Tiger tanktops? No, but luckily the Q brought his own.

Warmup: Get the hell out of Mogadishu, and to the parking deck. Hit every stair>SSH>GMs>LBCs>Supermans.

Thang: Down the deck with sumo squats, Freddie Mercurys, Lunge Walk, and Supermans. Up the deck with LSFs, Supermans, Billy Run, People’s Chair, and LBCs. Down the deck with prisoner squats, Billy Run, Freddie Mercurys. Up the stairs into Superman pulse and LBCs. Run back to the church with Freddie Mercurys, Lunge Walk, and Nurkins mixed in.

Mary: Star jumps, dying cockroach, Freddie Mercurys, Superman, WWII, LBCs.

Hope to see some of you at tonight’s BBQ (215 S. Person St @ 5:30), Q School, and/or F3 event at Healing Transitions next week. Big praise to Sputnik’s wife and Liam for their successes. Prayers to Burt’s and everyone else’s kin who are graduating.