YHC subbed in for Country Wide so he could chase the elusive wild turkey with his son…..not the bourbon. We had 9 PAX and at least one positing at Ambassador for the first time. YHC had just previously thought King David was too cool to run. Good to see him back moving again for his first post at Ambassador.


circle up for 20 x ssh, 20 x gm, 20x windmill, 32 single count merkins

grab a rock and tote it over to tennis courts

partner up for 2 line suicides. Partner holds balls to the wall or people’s chair. Flip flop 4x


Tote your rocks over to the track. Total of 4 laps. partner one stays with the Rock and does 10x presses, curls, rows. Flip flop after every lap. after two laps switch to 10x squats,curls, press

plank work

take rocks and leave them on east side of the track.

Jog to Liggon. 3×20 dips,merkins,irkins,left right step up

jog back to your rock

partner one bear crawls track and runs up hill to complete 5 merkins. Partner 2 does ssh while pressing rock overhead. C three trips

same thing except lunge walk track 5 wide grip merkins two trips

circle up for Mary

25x American hammer, 30 lbc, 5 burpees, 34?merkins


5/17 dinner healing place

5/22 fundraiser for for haven house

great to see new faces at this AO. Country Wide did not kill a bird but a good hunt was reported for those keeping score. Yoda and his bad knee were there doing as much as he could.

pleausre to lead