Another glorious K’dale morning. Moist but cool. Fortunately YHC didn’t plan on going very far from the shovel flag. hehehe.

The Warm Up:

SSH x 20 IC
GM x 10 IC
WM x 10 IC
MC x 20 IC
M’ericans x 10 SC
KDK x 10 IC
IW x 10 IC

The Thang:

Daytona 500 – Partner up, Grab a rock.
P1 – Runs to the lamp post/curb and back while P2 does called exercise. Rotate. As a team complete the rep count.
Curls x 100
Tricep Extensions x 100
Shoulder Press x 100
Squat x 100
Bent Over Row x 100

Catch me if you can – Thanks Callahan for showing this off yesterday. P1 walks to the curb with the rock held overhead. P2 does called exercise/rep count and catch P1. Rotate.
Round 1 – M’ercans x 10 SC
Round 2 – Squats x 10 SC
Round 3 – Monkey Humpers x 10 SC
Round 4 – Mountain Climbers x 10 DC
Round 5 – Burpee x 1

Deconstructed Burpee Pyramid – Thanks to Term Paper and Franklin for this one and to whomever put it on them of course.
As a group do the following
Squat – 5/10/15/20/15/10/5
M’ercan – 5/10/15/20/15/10/5
Frog Up – 5/10/15/20/15/10/5
Jump Squat – 5/10/15/20/15/10/5


LBC x 15 IC
Flutter Kick x 15 Ic
Hello Dolly x 15 IC
Rosalita x 15 IC


Womble Park tomorrow Holly Springs to celebrate Stark #100
Check the site/F3 newsletter for the latest greatest.

Prayer Concerns:

Moonshine – Job – Meds
Lucky – Foot pain & a baby w/ leg injury
Family loss due to brain aneurysm.


Green Mile lead us in Prayer


Strong work by all today. Thanks for coming out and supporting the sites and Q’s. Really proud of this AO and all the men who better me and themselves. See you in the gloom.