This workout was inspired by the one and only Stark, and his milestone of 99 straight posts.  It sucked in the most beautiful F3 kind of way.

Warm Up:
Jog to large parking lot.
Circle Up:  SSHX25
Good Morning
Hammy stretch
Bilateral shoulder stretch
Reverse Shoulder/Pec stretch
Pretzel shoulder twist
Vertical Tricep stretch both sides
Downward Dog
Runner’s stretch both sides
Downward Dog
Crab Squat
Quad Stretch

Partner up.

Partner Carry the entire length of the parking lot.  (about 200 yards or two miles depending on who you ask)
At the top of the hill is Station/Corner 1
25 ‘Mericans
Bear Crawl to Station Two, two rows over.
25 Squats
Switch partners for a partner carry the full length back
Station 3 – 25 Low slow flutter (3 count)
Bear crawl back to Station 1
24 Dips on the curb………..For a grand total of 99 reps!!!!


ROUND 3 – replace partner carry with a full out sprint on the long sides.  Bear crawl on the short sides with the same workouts at each station.  99 reps for 3 rounds

Recover on the jog

Bunny hop up the Abyss Stairwell

Jog back to Base for Mary:
33 LBC
33 Ankle Biters
33 Reverse LBC
99 Second Plank

Prayer requests for the health of a number of family members and friends.

Prayer request for Stark that he doesn’t fart sack tomorrow!

Good work, men!  This was a tough one.