The PAX were warned on Twitter: don’t be afraid of 1,000 reps. Appropriately 13 faced their fear and posted on Friday the 13th. MaBell was sporting a shirt from the Bull with sleeves that had been removed with surgical precision. He must own several professional-grade seam rippers. With mumble chatter at a medium-low, the clock struck 5:45am and we were off.

Warm Up:
Jog down to the bottom of the parking lot and circle up for varying counts of:
– Merkins
– Mountain Climbers
– Imperial Walkers

At this point, the PAX were commenting on the speed we were moving; the Q seemed to be pushing the pace. Little did they know what faced us at the basketball courts.

The Thang:
Posted around the basketball courts were a list of exercises. 50 reps of each exercise was on the menu. Exercises must be done in order. The goal was to get through two sets to get to 1,000 reps.

– Prisoner Squats
– Standard Merkins
– V-Ups
– Lunge-Jumps (left/right is one)
– Wide Grip Merkins
– Run two laps around the pickle
– Dying Cockroaches
– Jump Knee Tucks
– WWII Sit-ups
– Diamond Merkins
– Burpees
– Run two laps around the pickle

– Hellooo Dolly, led by Callahan
– Box Cutters, led by Billy

Announcements (check email for details):
– Q School @ Carroll Middle: Sunday, May 15
–this is good stuff; and not just how to improve on cadence
– Healing Transitions Dinner: Tuesday, May 17
— signup to support
– Minute Man Muster
— Callahan has the deets, maybe

Prayer Requests:
– Bartman’s grandfather’s surgery to amputate his second foot and his general health
– YHC took us out

As always, it’s an honor to be part of such a great group of men.