Seven PAX members took on the weather this morning at The Judge.

YHC arrived on two wheels for the commencement of a lovely hail/thunder/lightning storm. Shelter was sought but only temporarily. The show must go on. The Judge must judge and Au Pair must maintain the fetal position if moisture rains down for the sky. #rule

The Thang:

Ran a mile around the blue loop. #hotmosey #watchoutforlightning

Three/four man weave up the hill.

We did the following sets: 1.)Mountain Climbers, 2.)Star-Jumps, 3.)Jumping Lunge, 4.)Starjump/Merkins, and 5.)Merkins at the stops.

Ended with 10 burpees, 20 knee-ups and 20 Merkins. #notthehairpiece


Football sign-up, Chavis Park two Saturday’s from now, and F3 Dad’s. Check the website. Stay involved.

ManRan’s M as he is traveling and prayers for PAX members with family members going through surgery.

Thanks for making it out this morning! See you at the Mudrun.