YHC was having trouble sleeping and thought we haven’t done a Spartan in a while so why not go for a Spartan 1K.  Unfortunately for the Pax of 7 we ran out of time and only managed 900.

The Thang…

Warm up- Lap around the park, 30 X SSH, 25 IWs, 20 Good Mornings

The 900-

4 Sets of 25- Bunny Hops, Irkins, Dips, Squats, Durkins

2 Sets of 50- L/R Step Ups, Reverse LBCs, and Squats

1 Set of 100- LBCs

COT- Shout out to Peak Week, Blue Hen and Tardy on their events this weekend!  Shout out to our other brothers who will own the Mud Run this weekend in SC!  Prayer requests- All those participating in events this weekend.  Praise for Howard’s son’s new gig too.

Always a pleasure to lead!!