9 dared Mother Nature’s fury (rain / hail / lightening) to take on the mighty Burpee Bear Beast at the BO this morning. Start location audible called to begin at the TOC parking deck instead of the church, but parking deck was in plan all along anyway. We also welcomed Scratch-and-Win from CLT who has starred in numerous NC Education Lottery commercials (thus the name). Watch the video of SnW’s well planned sink them all for the All or Nothing game.  Join us anytime.

At TOC parking deck level 1, do warmups:
SSH x 20
Good mornings x 20
Imperial walkers x 20
Mountain climbers x 15

Mozey up to parking deck level 2 to greet the Beast.

Beast was made up of 4 corners on the deck ramp where 6 reps of named exercises were performed at each corner, bear crawling between them. The other 2 stations were up one flight of steps to level 3 for 6 burpees, then down to level 1 for 6 burpees and returning to level 2 to do 4 corners.
FlapJack for 25 mins of Beastly fun.

PAX were split in 2 groups to spread the congestion. Group 1 started with 4 corners; Group 2 with stairs.

Here’s the 4 corners exercises (we made it through 7, some 8):
1. Squat Jumps
2. Box Cutters
3. WWII Sit-ups
4. High Knee Jumps
5. Reverse LBC
6. Spread ‘em Merkins
7. Freddy Mercury
8. Star Jumps
9. Mike Tyson
10. American Hammers

Short Mary of Cee-Lo’s famous Freddy Mercury’s.

Great work by all.

– F3 Dads
– BR Relay
– GoRuck training and info session

– Burt’s mother-in-law recovering from a hip injury after a fall

BOM with Cee-Lo taking us out.