10 meddling kids came out to Ethanol to look for clues to and thwart the villains. The real villain was the fartsack, which apparently claimed several victims (10 being a low number for Ethanol). And the real mystery was figuring out what exercises we’d being do next. Taking on a last minute request for a replacement Q, YHC, who likes to plan these little adventures, was winging it (for the most part). The PAX that showed was solid. So we got right to work.

No FNGs, so extra brief disclaimer given. Indian Run to the top deck.

Circle of Warm-ups:
Good Mornings x10, Imperial Walkers x20, SSH x20, Mtn Climbers x20, Diamonds x 10

Reverse Stairs:
Partner up. Partner one stays at top and does a repeating set of exercises while partner two runs down the stairs, does 10 burpees, and runs back up to relieve partner one. Exercises at the top were: LBCs x10, Merkins x10, Squats x10, and Repeato. Keep going until your partner returns. We all made 3 trips to the bottom.

Reverse Ramp:
10 Diamond Merkins the top of each ramp, 10 Wide-Grip Merkins at the bottom of each ramp, sprint down ramps, backwards run the flats. Down and back up.

People Wall:
People Chair on the short wall, 10 count down the line with arm distractions added in along the way. Irkins x10 IC, Wall Plank (feet pressed against wall) x10 IC, Repeato w/ increased numbers.

Return to the cars, via the stairs with a stop along the way to Bear Crawl the ramp. Why not, right?
Makhtar N’Diayes x20, WWIIs x10, Flutters x15, and American Hammers x20.

Naked Moleskin:
T-Claps to both Chippendale and Grenade for making it to and thru their second posts. Well done.I decided to basically stay in one place and keep it simple today. We didn’t rest much. We didn’t go far. But, we covered plenty of ground. And stairs. And ramps. And all concrete.
There were other things to say, but after this workout, I checked out and was on the way to the beach. Apologies for the extra late backblast. It happens.

Always humbled,