10 PAX gathered outside of the gates of Apex Community Park on a low 40 degree morning. The shovel flags were planted. NO FNGs so NO Disclaimer. The Christian Rock station was dialed up and we were of into the park.
Quick run to the parking lot.
Warm up:
· SSH x 40; Plank Jacks x 40, Mummy Kicks w/Air Bag and Arm Circles x 40

· Run to the rock pile, grab a rock, head to the basketball court (had to do it, because Grease Monkey was sporting his CainTucky gear)
· Line up on the end line for some modified suicides. Run to the other end line exercise x 10, back to the other end line same exercise x 10…do this twice for total of 40 reps. We did the following exercises with PAXs doing plank jacks while everyone finished the set.
o Mountain climbers, regular merkins, jump knee tucks, carry the rock/ rock curls, carry the rock / rock presses, CDDs, LBCs, Star Jumps, Freddy Mercury’s, Wide Grip Merkins, Jump Lunges, Sumu Squats,
o Set of 40’s…well kind of one.
§ 30 Tricep Exts with Rock, 10 Merkins
§ 25 Tricep Exts with Rock, 15 Merkins
§ 20 Tricep Exts with Rock, 20 Merkins
§ Truncated…really should have finished by going to 15, 10…..
o Back to the line for some more…various exercises
o Last set on the court….40 Tricep Extensions.
· Hit the road, back to the parking lot for a couple of last ones.
o Plank Jacks x 40, Mummy Kicks x 1

· A few announcements…all of which are on the web page. Prayers for YHC’s mother in law who was having hip surgery today. grease monkey took us out is with a wonderful prayer!
· Today’s 40 counts were for the PAX to focus on the beginning of Holy Week and the 40 days of fasting in advance of Easter.
· If you are the site Q’s and CainTucky alums…the 40 has a double meaning….the perfect 40-0 that could be in the cards for the Cats.
· Always fun and an honor to lead you guys!