2nd Edition of the new and improved hour long Hi-Fidelity. Last week was a smoker, we’ll try and keep that theme for this week.

The Thang..

8-10 minute warmup

Mile Repeats – w/ the following paces
400 moderate pace
800 T-pace (minute slower than mile pace)
400 I-pace

1 minute rest in between each mile

Most pax got in 5 repeats.

400m cooldown

Enron’s gps showed just over 6.5 miles in all. New record


– Cinderella was a nameless DJ in years past. Denali spent most of his laps trying to name him; DJ Fur J and DJ Burlington, were the front runners. A revival tour might be in the making. Don’t call it a comeback
– Great to see new faces, Peppe was a fast addition to the group. Glad you’ve graduated from the Forge up to our left turn parade.

– Sign up for the BRR, plenty of time to train. No excuses. See YHC, Fazio, CK, Vila, anyone who has done the event in the past can help you find a team.
– Flag Football sign up, supports Chavis expansion.

Prayer by Friar Tuck

Always an honor to lead