YHC should have done a better job educating the six brave PAX who showed up at the Vortex for an Avengers-themed beat down.  He assumed a certain level of dorkiness and enthusiasm for the upcoming Age of Ultron movie and did not effectively communicate the epic significance of what we were doing.  It just seemed hard and random. We may need to try again sometime!

After normal warm-ups (lap, SSHs, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, Merkins), we went all-Avengers, all-the-time, finishing out the introductory sequence with 20 Hank Pyms (Ant Man and Giant Man!–basically jump squats) and 20 cadence-count Iron Man SSHs (one hand down on the ground each time).

We then divided into two teams in a quest for the Infinity Stones.  Few PAX understood that who controlled these stones controlled the destiny of the world.  Sigh.  One person on each team sprinted to a basket at half-field and drew a “stone” out, while the others did jabs.  When the sprinter returned, all PAX did the exercise indicated on the “stone,” until the team had all six:

• Mind Stone (Blue) – Team total 20 * # PAX Carolina drydocks (Cadence Count)
• Soul Stone (Green) – Team total 30 * # PAX jump lunges (Cadence Count)
• Power Stone (Red) – Team total 40 * # PAX merkins (Cadence Count)
• Space Stone (Purple) – Team total 60 * # PAX air squats (Cadence Count)
• Time Stone (Orange) – One lap around field
• Reality Stone (Yellow) – Team total 30 * # PAX burpees

The loser’s team (YHC’s) did burpees while the universe-saving heroes did a victory lap.

We then did three circuits of abs built around the larger Avengers family.  Each circuit contained 20 WW IIs (thanks, Cap), 20 Cadence-Count Thor’s Hammers (Mjolnir always touches the ground!), and 16 Cadence-Count (8 and 8) Peter Parkers/Parker Peters (though we may need to change these to Miles Morales/Morales Miles if the rumors are true!).  Exercises were 50 yards apart.  The first circuit we “Panther-Crawled” (like the gorilla, but hands on the inside–thanks T’Challa) from point-to-point; the second we bounded like the Hulk; and the final one we sprinted like Quicksilver.

Thank you for letting me combine two of my favorite things–Avengers and F3.  What a great group of guys!  We missed Draper (hamstring) and PBR and The Donald, all Vortex regulars.