YHC was greeted as usual by Torch, who immediately began his lobbying efforts on the men of THP.  With the drop in temperature into the low 40’s YHC though it might be a struggle, and with none of the Raleigh pax on the signup sheet, YHC thought this might be the first Arena with all THP pax.  But low and behold one of Raleigh’s faithful brethren, Peach Pit comes strolling in with 5 minutes to spare.  Soon Big Poppy had emerged from the back office in full UA gear along with a few more familiar faces and one fng ready to take the challenge.  The # would be 7, and the time was now, here we go.

The Thang:  With a chilly rain falling we gathered under the Detox shelter for warm-ups; SSH x 15, I/W x 15, P/S x 15, Mericans x 10

Jog the lot to the rocks across from the gas pumps, curls, presses, & bent rows x 15, rinse & repeat x 12.  Rocks back, jog over to the curb by the pumps for quick feet x 20, ericans x 15, and again x 15 & x 10.  Find a concrete blaster behind the pumps for Peoples Chair while each pax did 10 reps of an exercise called by Q, Mericans, SSH, & squats.

R&R back down Goode to through the lot back to the detox shelter, divide into 2 groups, one run through lot to Goode and back while other does max reps LBC’s.

Mary: WWII x 20, Wolfpack Hammers x 20, done!

The Skin:

Strong work by all, for those who have been & know Case, he encourages YHC every time he steps out, never letting his own abilities hold him back, but being willing to do everything with excitement. Throughout the workout, the fng kept on about how next time he comes he won’t lift weights before, he was strong and ran at the front the whole time.  YHC didn’t expect to hear when asked what he liked to do, that cooking was his passion.  Trying to step out in the naming process, YHC asked what his favorite cut of meat was to cook, thinking a strong cut like T-bone or something like pork chop would come out, YHC knew we had a winner when the answer was Pigtails.  It was good to see the Fridge back in the mix, he was all in from the start.

As always thanks to all who have made the Arena a regular part of their routine, for those who have yet to come, why not !  If you are a regular please considering signing up to Q, and more than anything encourage the Raleigh pax you workout with to step out of their comfort zone and join us. For those who ordered shirts, we’re hoping they come in the next week, we’ll post something on Twitter when we have a firm date.

Consider the sacrifice of Christ, especially this week, Romans 5:8 reminds us “God demonstrates His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  He died that we might live, step up and out this week to encourage a brother or invite someone new into the gloom, or even better if you know Christ share Him with someone who doesn’t, and if you don’t know Him ask someone who does, He’ll change your life forever.

As always it’ a privilege to lead, Aye!